Lifestyle Dispensary Membership

Imagine qualifying month-after-month for FREE Cannabis or CBD products, by simply referring your favorite Dispensary/CBD shop, into a private LIFESTYLE DISPENSARY MEMBERSHIP program. It also includes a built-in 100% Compliant solution for accepting CREDIT/DEBIT CARD PROCESSING.

The purpose is to provide a Dispensaries with access to a private Lifestyle Membership, offering 24/7 LIVE TeleHealth & Mental Health Services, Family Legal Assitance, Financial Counseling & Credit Repair Assistance, 24/7 LIVE Roadside Assistance, and Much More. It’s designed to help the under and non-insured get access to family premier services, which otherwise is less affordable on their own.  See Affiliate commission HERE


#1 – Sign-up free (see commission) as an Affiliate and join the “FREE Ganja for LIFE” Facebook Group.
#2 – Refer your favorite Dispensary/CBD shop for the “Lifestyle Entertainment Membership” program
#3 – Referred Dispensary purchase a 1-bundle minimum Lifestyle Dispensary Membership
#4 – Affiliate receives a FREE 4-day/3-night Family Vacation Certificate 
#5 – Affiliate receives Commission and Overrides from Dispensary/CBD membership sales

NOTE: Access Commission Report, Script, Talk-Points, etc., materials after free Affiliate Registration