Compliance is respectfully the #1 concern for provisioning centers, and other cannabis support models, when considering services related to credit, banking, security, operations and more.  The fact is, compliance is always on our radar. Most notably, we are 100% compliant when offering web-based processing services for the Lifestyle Membership. We also include additional “low-to-no-cost” solutions, in order to address compliance for dispensaries and related verticals. 


We are active participants and in discussions with multiple banks, while working along with the Fair Banking Act to federally insure banking for the industry as a whole. Furthermore, we understand there have been several “illegal” work-a-round attempts to deliver a credit and banking solution. As a result, there is a reluctance to move forward. On the other hand, our 100% compliant merchant processing solution, has multiple levels of security for your Dispensary, Delivery Company, Social Club/Lounge, or otherwise, who participates in the cannabis sales and support space.  Click to view videos #1 and #2  for a 100% compliant solution. Click HERE for an visual outline. 

We also provide an extra layer of compliant “credit card” acceptance through the Lifestyle Membership. Of course, this depends on regulatory guidelines in your particular State. Lastly, we include incentives to reduce your fees or monthly cost to as low as $0.


The next logical step was to create a branding funnel, designed to inform and attract perspective patients and recreational customers. Cannabis Affiliates receive FREE Content Creation Credits ($2450 value per credit) to assist in new membership. Click the IMAGE below for more details.