Cannabis Profits Today (CPT)

Through much research, we now understand that customers and patients will have considerably more loyalty, if provided with benefits outside of the dispensary, while also incentivizing them with in-house offers. Also, in a short period of time, competition has risen, while margins have already fallen. 

What are you doing to stay on top, or at least stand out from the crowd? 

CPT assist with profitability and loyalty for Dispensaries, CBD Shops, Consumption Clubs/Lounges, Delivery Companies, and other support models.

To that point, we have created a Cannabis Lifestyle Membership (CLM). In essence, creating an environment of a complete Lifestyle Center, versus a provisioning center, or simply a dispensary.  


  • LIVE Licensed Financial Coach (or) LIVE Tele-Medicine (or) LIVE Personal Assistant
  • Dining & Entertainment Services * Annual Vacation Certificate * Streaming App Benefits
  • 100% Compliant Credit/Debit Card Merchant Processing Services – Member Only.
  • 24/7/365 “LIVE” Membership Support Services

The cannabis/CBD space has become quite saturated in a short time. Furthermore, most dispensaries are all offering the same “in-house only” incentives:

  • Receive 1 point for every $1.00 spent. Must spend $200-$500 to receive $5, $10, $20 in credit
  • Get 20% off (after markup – only to give it back in the form of an incentive)
  • 2%-5% cash-back toward your next purchase (spend $100 and get $2 off on next order)

Nonetheless, the cannabis space is still considered the new age gold rush for many years to come. Especially once Federal regulations are lifted, as well as for those who will comprehend that cannabis is a lifestyle product – but there is more to life.  You now can help them with it all. 

For further clarity, we have attended many trade shows, forums and meetings, in order to truly grasp the long-term loyalty needs of the industry.