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To best assist dispensary success, we have attended countless trade shows, forums, and meetings, in order to better understand the needs of dispensaries (provisioning centers), throughout the USA. The result is a “private” platform, developed to put a new spin on how DISPENSARY LOYALTY is created and maintained.

We combined an exclusive Lifestyle Membership with FREE Streaming TV, FREE Family Travel packages, via our “exclusive” partnership with YAFI. Thus, introducing a new way of creating loyalty, well beyond the traditional dispensary in-house incentive programs. Furthermore, we include a 100% compliant credit/debit processing platform, saving your clients ATM fees to access cash only. Now, you have a real choice!

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  • Lifestyle Dispensary Membership
  • Dispensary Affiliate Marketing
  • FREE Family Vacation Giveaway Certificates
  • FREE – LIVE Streaming TV
  • 100% Compliant Credit/Debit Card Processing