Partner Compliance

This page is dedicated to dispensaries learning how to best leverage the VIP Lifestyle Membership services.


Compliance is respectfully the #1 concern for provisioning centers when considering services related to credit, banking, security, operations, and more.  The fact is, compliance is always on our radar. Most notably, our 100% State compliant web-based processing services for the Lifestyle Membership


We are in active participants and in discussions with banks while working along with the Fair Banking Act to federally insure banking. Further, we understand there have been several “illegal” work-a-round attempts to deliver a credit and banking solution. As a result, there is a reluctance for dispensaries to move forward. CPT has leveraged technology with the addition of a Lifestyle Membership (LM).


Our goal is to greatly impact the profitability of your business. So, the next logical step would be to create a funnel, which would drive in both new patients and customers daily. We further understood that referrals are still the best form of advertising. However, bringing Referral Marketing into the Social Media age would be critical to reaching them (patients/clients) where they are today.

The inbound call is loaded into an “auto” patient/client referral system, which enables and encourages sharing with their friends on Facebook, Twitter, Email, or Text. In return, the person sharing the offer with his/her social media friends will acquire points, which can then be redeemed for special in-store incentives or free offers.

Next, we improve the profit model by not only adding great value, but an extra layer of compliance for stability. The LM ties directly into our 100% compliant “auto-debit” credit/debit card processing option, and referral system.