Cannabis Profits Today (CPT)


CPT has long studied the cannabis and dispensary space since it’s legal arrival. Where approved the impact was fast and swift. The rush was on!! But then, the dust settled. Competition became real. Some dispensaries even closed down due to fierce competition, surplus and other factors. 

To assist in sustained profits for dispensaries, CPT offers an exclusive platform, designed to holistically impact members in multiple areas of their lives. As it pertains to dispensaries, members receive a monthly cannabis spending voucher (grant) as a bonus with membership. Members enjoy a seamless experience, while the participating dispensary inherits new revenue, and additional foot-traffic from online advertising, via the advertised directory page.  

Furthermore, we optionally implement an interactive communication system, designed to further help transform a traditional dispensary into a Lifestyle Dispensary. Including Lifestyle Benefits, AI Models/Training, Text Marketing, Email Software, Social Media Integration, and Shared Advertising.


1. Partner dispensary remits monthly directory fee per zip code.

2. We begin strategic marketing efforts to attract new, consistent members.

3. Upon payment of their membership, members receive a bonus canna-voucher, which is assigned to one of the 1-3 maximum dispensaries allowed in each zip code. 

4. Upon arrival at the dispensary the member’s ID is requested, referenced by the emailed voucher, plus remittance of the required taxes, in order to pick up their monthly canna-consumption.

We win by driving new lifestyle members, while our dispensary advertising partners win by indirectly leveraging our “live” loyalty platform, plus dispensaries are afforded a residual cash reward from the impact grant. All this on behalf of the member, who ultimately wins the most!