Cannabis Profits Today (CPT)


CPT has conducted extensive research on the cannabis and dispensary industry since its legalization. The initial impact was rapid and significant, with a surge of interest and activity. However, as the market matured, competition intensified, and some dispensaries struggled to survive amidst oversupply and other challenges.

In order to ensure dispensaries, maintain a steady profit CPT provides a unique platform that aims to positively impact members on various levels. This means customers and patients becoming a member’s and receiving upscale lifestyle benefits, plus a monthly cannabis spending voucher as a bonus with their VIP status. Members get household rewards, while dispensaries gain predictable revenue with increased foot traffic, through shared online promotions.

In addition, we offer the option to integrate an interactive communication system, to enhance the evolution of a standard dispensary, now into a “lifestyle” dispensary. Features include benefits platform, AI integration, text marketing, email software, social media promos and more, all aimed at providing a seamless and innovative experience for each lifestyle dispensary.


1. Using a debit or credit card payment for membership, each member receives a bonus canna-voucher, which is assigned to 1-3 maximum dispensaries in their respective zip code. 

2. Upon arrival at the dispensary the member’s ID is requested, referenced by the emailed voucher received by the dispensary, plus cash remittance of the required tax, in order to pick up their monthly canna-consumption.

NOTE: We auto-debit each monthly subscription payment via a shared Stripe account. Each affiliate dispensary can see payments in real time for every membership assigned to their location. Payments are automatically paid out by Stripe and sent to each respective bank account.